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Planning & Development

Redevelopment can impact older neighbourhoods and its residents in different ways.  Our Community League strives to remain aware of any substantial upcoming development within Westmount and provide any relevant information to our community members. 

Infill Construction

Some helpful links:

Evolving Infill Good Neighbour Guide

City Zoning Bylaws

Development Permits Map

Questions?  Contact:

Roland Lines

Director of Civics

Westmount Community League

* This page is updated on a monthly basis and is meant only as a source of information of what is happening in and around Westmount.

Image by Josh Olalde

As Edmonton evolves, so do our neighbourhoods. Consult this checklist to learn more about the steps you can take to better prepare for an infill construction project next door to you.


Consider contacting our Councillor to share your feedback.

  • Reach out to the Builder


Reach out to the builder or developer to establish an open dialogue from the start of a project.

  • Development Approvals


Contact Development Approvals for general permitting questions, information on Development Permit conditions and feedback.


  • Infill Questions


Contact the Infill Liaison Team for questions around infill policy and regulations, the Infill Roadmap and outreach opportunities.




  • Construction and Safety Complaints


Ask for the Infill Compliance Team to report complaints related to untidy worksites, damage to alleys/sidewalks/public trees, noise concerns, absence of required permit signage, or to inquire about a site's compliance with its development permit.

Ask for the Safety Codes Officers for complaints related to excavations, site fencing or other construction related concerns. 


Phone: 311

  • Trespassing Complaints


Contact Edmonton Police Services for complaints related to trespassing on site.


Phone: 780.423.4567

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