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Crime Prevention

Well-informed residents can be the eyes of the police in the community. Residents who are actively participating in their neighbourhood and who know their neighbours are more likely to look out for each other, and less likely to commit crimes on one another. 

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Report any suspicious activity to Edmonton Police Service at 780.423.4567.  If a crime has already occurred, it can be reported in several ways:

  • Report crime online.

  • Use Edmonton Police Service “EPS Mobile” app.

  • Call #377 on your mobile device.

  • Call 780.423.4567.

If there is a crime in progress (with imminent threat to a person or property) 911 immediately.

Events that are reported to EPS are tracked and resources are allocated based on trends and rate of crimes.

Edmonton is fortunate to have a not-for-profit, volunteer-based crime prevention organization in operation. Visit the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch website for more information on what this organization does to improve the safety of Edmonton communities.


Tips to keep your property safe:

  • Take valuables out of your vehicle.

  • Lock your doors (house and vehicle).

  • Keep your garage door locked when unattended.

  • Keep sightline to points of access to your home clear.

Questions?  Contact:

Kelly Mis

Neighbourhood Safety Volunteer

Westmount Community League

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