Heritage Plaques

Any owner of a Westmount house that was built prior to 1970 can obtain a heritage plaque (see an example plaque below). The plaques are to be placed on the exterior of houses to help tell the story of Westmount’s history and add visual interest to Westmount’s streetscape.

Download the self-guided map (link at bottom of page), which reflects the first 47 homes that applied for a plaque. Stay tuned for more stories of the houses, people and their occupations as applications are processed.

Plaques can be obtained by completing the application form (found in the link below). More information on how to find the required information on your home can be found in the “How to Search” document.


Additional information:


  • The total cost of each plaque is $150.  The City of Edmonton very generously contributed to half the cost for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

  • Plaques can be obtained by any owner of a property in Westmount that was built prior to 1940

  • The homeowner is responsible for placing the plaque on their property; this can be on the front of a house (on front porch railing or beside front door), on a stand in the front lawn, in the front window, or another location (at homeowner’s discretion)

  • The plaque size is 11.625” x 18” x 3mm. This size is consistent with the size of heritage plaques in other neighbourhoods (i.e. Highlands) and is necessary so that plaques can be read from the sidewalk

  • The plaque does not restrict what a homeowner can do to their house


For more information, please email wclheritage@gmail.com

Program Description and How to Research Your Home

Application Form

Walking Map