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Unpack N' Play

Unpack & Play is a 12-week, registered program for parents and children (ages 1-5) to participate in story, craft, music, dance, and play time.

Located in the Westmount Community Hall, Unpack N' Play is a free, registered, structured program that provides parent-child interactive activities, such as: circle time, story time, craft time, singing, dancing, play time, one-on-one reading with parents, parachute activities, and more! This program is designed:

- for parents and children to participate together in each activity,
- to equip parents with valuable resources,
- for the children to learn important skills,
- to bring families together,
- the idea is for the whole family to benefit from this program.

The recommended age for this program is from 18 months - 5 years, but younger siblings (0-18mon) are welcome.

Each session begins with collecting information on the specific needs of each group. Parents will receive handouts that will cover topics regarding child development, behaviour management, positive parenting and topics requested by parents in order to help support their family and parenting needs.

This interactive, play program is focused around bringing parents together to learn, support and share with each other.

Learn and play with your child while strengthening the parent/child bond.

The last class of each session is a field trip.

Each year has 3 sessions:​
WINTER Session runs from January - March
SPRING Session runs from April - July
FALL Session runs from September - December

For more information or to register, visit: