Ice Skating

The boarded rink and the adjacent pleasure rink are both open for the season! 


Presently, there aren't any COVID-19 restrictions for outdoor recreation, including ice skating; however, the rink shack will be closed again this year. As an indoor space, the rink shack requires active monitoring for the Restriction Exemption Program or alternatively for capacity restrictions, which the Community League does not have the capacity to do. Instead, the Community League purchased and set up straw bales around the pleasure rink in order to provide skaters with an area to put on their skates and rest. This also means that the washrooms in the rink shack will be closed to public use, so plan your excursions accordingly.


The schedule for the boarded rink is attached. There are more shinny times scheduled than in previous years because we now have the rink lighting on the adjacent pleasure rink. This extra lighting has opened up free skate through the evenings so the boarded rink can be dedicated more to shinny. All scheduled activities are self-organized by community members -- they are not considered community league programs. We'll see how this schedule is working and revisit in a month or so, if necessary.


Priority is given to skaters using the rink for the scheduled activity.

  • Youth Shinny: youth of all ages are welcome to play. Focus is on welcoming players of all ages and abilities to participate.

  • Little Skaters: consists of fun, volunteer-led activities that encourage young children to learn skating basics.

  • Shinny Hockey: all ages are welcome. This time has typically been used by older players.

  • Women's Shinny: dedicated time for self-organized group of women to play.

  • Free Skate: no sticks allowed on the boarded rink at this time.

Please purchase your Community League membership form online: and arrange to pick up your skate tags. This year, the community league will visit the rink with our mobile payment machine to get more uptake in memberships and help cover the cost of building and maintaining our community ice rinks.


Happy skating!