Abundant Communities

The Abundant Community Initiative in Westmount



What’s it all about?


The Abundant Community Initiative is all about neighbourhood engagement, organization and community building. The initiative follows the principles and practices recommended by Peter Block and John McKnight in their book The Abundant Community.


Basically, the initiative promotes:


  • Creating strong neighbourly connections on every block in Westmount, which contributes to a culture of care and belonging in our community.

  • Sharing your ideas about Westmount to help the Community League lead the neighbourhood into the future.

  • Finding others in the neighbourhood to share in activities and interests that you and your family also enjoy – or want to try out!

  • Sharing your abilities and skills with others to make our neighbourhood an even better place to live!


How can I get involved?


At the heart of the initiative is a Block Connector – a friendly person on every block who initiates a casual conversation with each household on their block (or condominium) about:


  • Their vision for the neighbourhood.

  • Activities and interests they would like to participate in with Westmount neighbours.

  • Skills, gifts or abilities they are willing to share with neighbours or the community. 


When you become a Block Connector for the Abundant Community Initiative:


  • You help to shape community life.

  • You create relationships through the formation of new groups/associations of shared interests within the neighbourhood.

  • You connect the gifts, skills and abilities of neighbours to other neighbours and the neighbourhood.


We already have some enthusiastic Block Connectors, but we still have quite a few blocks without one. If you think you would be a great Block Connector, or know someone who would be, please connect with us! We provide the tools and support to help you succeed as a Block Connector!


Contact the Neighbourhood Connector, Kristin Baker, at abundantcommunity.wcl@gmail.com

We’re also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/abundantcommunitywestmount.


Let Us Know Your Thoughts! Block Connector Conversation Form


We’re hoping for increased and ongoing community connectedness. To jumpstart this, Block Connectors use a “Neighbour Conversation Guide” to record the information and answers they find out from their neighbours. They then provide that information to the Westmount Community League’s Neighbourhood Connector. The idea is that we can then start to connect neighbours on the basis of the actual interests and abilities of people in the community.


If your block currently has a Block Connector, he/she will likely be by to chat with you sometime this spring. In the meantime, we invite you to fill in our “Conversation Form” to let us know your vision for the neighbourhood, as well as the interests and activities you might like to share with others in the community! 

To complete the form, click here